What Do Japanese Girls Find Attractive In A Man In Japan

What Japanese Girls Find Attractive In A Man

What do Japanese girls find attractive in a man In Japan…

Do you know? Perhaps not! Well then, let Giacomo explain briefly. I mean after all, without knowing what Japanese girls find attractive in a man or what Japanese women really want in a man will leave you with your willy in your hand looking up at the Tokyo sky dumbfounded, sad and a plain old mess.

If you do know or even think you know what do Japanese Girls Find Attractive in a man then you might as well keep reading this Japan Dating Blog, to further enlighten your soul and mind. I’m pretty sure what lies within will add more to your arsenal of intel, day game skills, night game tactics, pick up skills, way of life in Japan and etc.

I’m going to be brief and to to the point on this one, as you know no true master shall reveal his secrets to the masses so easily. What I will do though is give you the basics and a brief run down on some Top Secret intel with regards as to what Japanese girls find attractive in a man in order for you to help gain a foundation for you beginners or even even deeper enlightenment for you advanced guys in Tokyo, Japan.

What Do Japanese Girls Find Attractive In A Man (The Basics)

A Smart Man: Japanese women want a man who is intelligent. Intelligence always outweighs stupidity.

A Gentleman: Japanese girls want a man who is chivalrous, well mannered, has a clean mouth and who respects others. They do not want a man who lacks basic manners and common respect for others.

A Fashionable Man: Japanese ladies want a man who is well dressed, knows his fashion, current fashion trends and etc. They absolutely do not want a guy who wears baggy pants, dresses like a clown from the 60’s, or a lame dude who wears a limited selection of outdted clothes. Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

A Sophisticated Man: Japanese women want a man who is of course stylish, has well trimmed hair, immaculate hygiene, is on top of current events, knows what’s going on in Japan and the rest of the world. They don’t want a guy who is messy, has bad hygiene and who only takes a shower once in a blue moon.

A Good Smelling Man: Japanese girls love a man who constantly smells good, knows his colognes and can wear a sophisticated scent that will make her amazed once the scent of your cologne hits her nostrils. They don’t want a guy in Japan who doesn’t wear cologne, deodorant or who has no common knowledge of what a desirable man smells like.

A Man Who know Japanese Culture: Japanese ladies want a man who of course knows the culture they are in, respects their culture and has an appreciation of the Japanese culture. They don’t want a man who knows nothing about at least the basics of Nihon (Japan) culture, holidays and so on.

A Man Who know Japanese Language: Japanese ladies desire a man who is on top of his Nihongo Game! A man who speaks Nihongo well in all areas is a man who can seduce any Japanese woman in seconds! Surely, if you are in Japan and have been for any period of over 3 months or more and cannot speak any Japanese, then you my friend need a wake up call!

A Man Who knows Japan: Japanese women need a man who knows Japan, the geographic locations, demographics and etc. Knowing the place you are in thoroughly is one of the hundreds of keys to your success while being in Japan. Get on it and wake up!

Now that you know some of the basics of what Japanese do girls find attractive in a man, you can start perfecting your game plan and get on top of things by making these part of your daily routine while in Japan or before getting here. That’s that and it really is as simple as eating a bowl of Yoshinoya Gyudon guys…

Until next time!

Domo & mata ato de ne! (Thanks and see you later)!

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