Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly

Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly

Make any Japanese woman fall in love instantly.  The easiest task for any Guy, Pickup Artist, Elite Seducer, Elite Gentleman.

However, most men are not experts by any means when it comes to picking up Japanese girls and women in general. If you want to master how to make any Japanese woman fall in love instantly there are a few of many secrets that you need to know. In this Japan Dating Blog we will take a closer look into how to make any Japanese woman fall in love instantly with you and all of the awesome secrets that come with the Seduction Game, Attraction Game, Day Game, Night Game and Pickup Game in Tokyo and in Japan.

One of the first things you need to know is how to be a romantic! For those of you smart men who have already read my books, blogs and so forth you pretty much already know all of the specifications and details about Japanese women, Japanese girls, Japanese ladies in Japan and you know the basics of how to pickup Japanese ladies, how to seduce Japanese women, how to attract Japanese girls and everything else related to this crazy, awesome and rewarding lifestyle of being an Elite Pickup Artist, Elite Modern Gentleman in Tokyo and Japan.

If you want to be an Elite Pickup Artist in Japan and be able to seduce, attract, pickup and make any Japanese woman, Japanese girl or Japanese lady fall in love instantly then you need to be the best of the best and better than all the rest. That means that you and the many other guys in Japan (excluding the baka gaijin) must compete and battle against each other and see who will come out on top of being the best Elite Pickup Artists & Elite Modern Gentlemen in Tokyo, Japan.

Nothing in life is easy guys and neither is this lifestyle. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, motivation, sophistication, mental strength, confidence and skill in order to be one of the best of the best out of the other dudes who are trying to do and master the same things as you are and that I had mastered long ago.

I’ll say it again! You guys are lucky you have someone like myself to be able to help you and guide you along the way to develop, perfect and master your lifestyle in Japan and so that you can get any and all of the Elite, intimate hot and rich Japanese women, Japanese ladies and Japanese girls.

Remember guys, the purpose of this whole game plan is to help me get you what you want, deserve and need! Elite Japanese Girls that have all of the benefits you can think of and make your wildest dreams come true!

How To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly – Step 1 Always Appear To Be Thoughtful & Caring

Any guy who wants to be a Pickup Artist in Japan must always appear to be thoughtful & caring & give thoughtful gifts (on occasion) to your high priority assets in Tokyo, Japan. Although you may not be nor want to appear to be a hopeless romantic, you need to know that it is all part of the game at times dudes. Psychological Warfare 101 is learning about how to pretend to be someone you are not in order to get what you need and want all while doing so in a very calm and professional manner. You will have times when duty calls and when you have to use a certain weapon to seduce, attract, and smooth talk your Japanese women, Japanese girls and Japanese ladies way into their hearts, minds, bodies and souls.

Always use the following tactics (with specific times for the occasion) to make any Elite or High Priority Japanese woman fall in love with you instantly.

  • A rose or two (with a short & scented message card)
  • A short & sweet poem (should be scented to add to your seduction)
  • Short & sweet notes (should be scented to add to your seduction)
  • A short & sweet text or message
  • A short & sweet phone call
  • A short & sweet voice message via chat app
  • A nice box of chocolates
  • A cheap gift (that looks expensive)
  • A nice gift of extravagant perfume (for Elite Ladies only)
  • You best attire/kit/suits
  • Your best cologne
  • Your best conversation skills
  • And much much more…

Do make sure that these secret gift are given to those who you think deserve it and only for those who are you Elite & High Priority Japanese girls, Japanese women & Japanese ladies. Never use your own money on just any average Japanese girl who has nothing more to offer than just her small hot pocket.

How To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly – Step 2

Be Creative With Your Dates!

Always Take Your For Your Elite Japanese Woman on thoughtful dates and outings. Instead of being a boring dude, be fun, be adventurous and be creative with your dates while dating in Japan. Here are some important tips to keep in mind for being creative and knowing when to take out your dates in Japan.

  • All Elite Japanese Lady must be taken out on occasion & on the Special Days
  • All Elite Japanese Girls should be paying for your meals or if not then at least 50%
  • All Elite Japanese Women should be taken to different dating in Japan venues at all times & never the same place. Jazz Bars, Cigar Bars, Concerts & the like are the best choices for awesome dates in Tokyo & for dates in Japan
  • Avoid ever spending too much money when going out on dates with any Japanese woman! And never forget, they are the ones who should be paying you for your time and not the other way around
  • If you want an elegant & a covert date, then find a nice, quiet & romantic venue in Tokyo, Japan.
  • If you are tired from a hard days work in Tokyo, Japan then cook at her place or yours! Make her cook if you are exhausted, but try to do the washing up afterwards.
  • Don’t forget! If you really want to impress your Japanese date while dating in Japan, offer to cook up an extravagant meal at her place. A man who can cook, is also noted to be a REAL MAN.

How To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly – Step 3

Leave Thoughtful & Caring Notes

Always Leave Thoughtful And Caring Notes on occasion For Your Elite Japanese Woman, Japanese Girl Or Japanese Lady. The best way of How To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly is by pretending to be who you are not and pretending to be sweet. You could be the world’s most evilest devil, yet can manage to at least pretend to be sweet in order to make everything work in your favor with any Japanese woman.

It’s easy and all it takes is a bit of practice and polish in order to better your pickup and seduction skills in Japan. Don’’t forget, Japanese women love to hear what they want to hear and always believe what you tell them as long as you are the world’s best liar.

If you want to take her breath away and get her heart pumping among other things then simply leave some thoughtful pre-written Post It notes for your lovely Japanese girls.

  1. Always keep your love notes short & sweet
  2. Leave a nice & sweet note where & when they least expect it
  3. Always scent it so that they are seduced even more
  4. Always use a different color to make it all seem more intriguing
  5. Be daring, be intimate & be yourself with your love notes
  6. Be creative at all times & always make your Japanese girl think that every minute with you is an ultimate adventure

How To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly – Step 4

Send Thoughtful & Caring Texts or Calls Throughout The Day

Always Send Thoughtful & Caring Texts & Sometimes Calls Or Voice Memos Throughout Your Day To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly.  This should of course be done on a random basis and reserved for your Elite Japanese Girls only! Otherwise you will wear and tear yourself out by texting every Japanese girl in your keitai (mobile). Do also feel free to drop them a line (short call) as well at anytime of the day and always be spontaneous and unexpected with your texts and calls so that they will never know what to expect. Keep at it, make it a routine & always make in more interesting.

Keep your other Japanese girls who are not elites to the side & make them be the ones who are texting and calling you. Reverse psychology always works and it will definitely work for them. You are something that they have never ever encountered on earth therefore you are the most perfect man in their eyes. They will do and say as you please as long as you know the secrets of seduction in order to Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly.

Here are some more awesome tips for you in regards to sending Thoughtful & Caring Texts or Calls to your Japanese ladies…

– Always keep your thoughtful & caring texts short (calls never over a minute & voice messages 15 seconds max)

– Always keep your thoughtful & caring texts sweet & dirty

– Leave a nice & sweet text, voice message or call where & when they least expect it

– Always scent your love notes so that they are seduced even more

– Always use a different color to make it all seem more intriguing

– Be daring, be sweet & a be yourself with your love notes

– Be creative at all times & always make your Japanese Girls think that every minute with you is an ultimate adventure

– All Elite Japanese girls, Japanese women & Japanese ladies should be called, texted or left a voice message at least 1 time a day

– If you can’t be bothered, make them do the calling & texting! All it takes is a simple order of you telling your Elite Japanese women that they have to call and text everyday. Take the upper hand and make it all work in your favor.

How To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly – Step 5

Do Thoughtful Things

Always Do Thoughtful Things For Your Japanese Women. Another method of how to Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly is by doing thoughtful things that no other man they have ever been with with has done before. An awesome psychological tactic for the Japanese girls right? Again, you are simply making them think that there is no other man in the world who is as sweet and as cool as you. You are the ultimate coolest, most caring and romantic man on earth in their eyes. Here are some extra tips for you to follow in order to Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly by doing thoughtful things for them that they would never expect you to do.

  1. If your Japanese women are sick, pretend to care and offer to come over & assist her (Japanese women love this) Plus they can always go for some nice intimacy no matter how sick they are.
  2. If your Japanese women have had a hard day at work, then you must help them rid of all of their stresses and frustration in order to make them totally relaxed. Am sure you know how to do that!
  3. Cook a nice homemade meal for your Japanese girls and in return you will get the best dessert!
  4. Always surprise them as Japanese women loves surprises. Especially when its coming from an Elite Pick Up Artist, Elite Seducer & Modern Gentleman as most other men will never have the faintest clue of what to do in most situations with women.

How To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly – Step 6 Always Be Creative

Always Be Creative With Your Elite Japanese Girls. Similar to some of the steps above, you are always on top of your game by being the most creative guy on earth. Leave it up to your sophisticated minds guys and let your imagination, charm & seductive skills run wild. Let’s take a peep at some even more cool tips for you guys to help teach you How To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly so that she will be permanently wrapped around your finger.

  1. Write secret tags or short love messages in all of the most unlikely places for you Japanese women. (Inside her pocket, her jacket, on her mobile etc.
  2. Give your Japanese ladies a nice and relaxing oil ma$$age, followed up with a nice finger party.
  3. Make a nice framed photo of the both of you (to keep at her place only). You DO NOT want any pics of chicks at your place whatsoever, as this can stir trouble & many other problems when and if a Japanese girl finds it. Keep your place as clean as a spies crib. The purpose of the framed photo is to make your Japanese ladies think that they are the only special woman in your life, yet little do they know.
  4. Give her your best (fake) Playlist of Romantic songs that she can use when she is in need of your intimacy and that you can use when you are at her condo in Omotesando to add a special little touch of spice when you get intimate.

How To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly – Step 7 Valentine’s Day, Her Birthday & Christmas

Always Celebrate The 3 Special Days – Valentine’s Day , Her Birthday & Christmas Like No Other Man ever Did For Her if you really want Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly. The great importance of these special days has been mentioned many times over in MY BOOKS & blogs, and of course for a good reason! Therefore, in case you have missed it, I’ll enlighten your minds once more! These days are most precious for any Japanese girl in Tokyo, Japan and if you want her to stay under your covert seduction spell, then you had better learn to maintain your Elites and know how to do so as well!

The Most Special Days for any and all Japanese Girls in Japan are:

  • Christmas Day
  • Valentines Day
  • Your Japanese Girls Birthday
  • Anniversary Days = the day that you & your Elite Japanese girl met after a year (Optional unless she is a High Priority Japanese Woman). If you do happen to forget your anniversary day & if she is upset just tell her that you 1) Forgot or 2) Were crazy sick the past few days. She’ll get over it soon and you can just make it up to her (if she is worth it) by giving taking her out to a nice dinner (that you and her or she will pay for).

How To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly – Step 8 Declare Your Like Or In Some Cases Fake Love

Always Declare Your Like Or In Some Cases Fake Love For Your Elite Japanese Women in an old-fashioned way. Make her eyes light up with pure joy & excitement that she has never felt or experienced before with any other dude. Take a look at these extra tips on How To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly and to help ever do anything you desire or request.

  1. Sing her a nice and intimate love song even if you don’t want to and if you are not good at singing, at least try your best. She will love it!
  2. Request a private dinner ensemble to sing a special song just for her to make her heart pound with joy. She’ll love you for it and will forget about any wrong doing you have ever done before if you have.
  3. Master Giacomo’s personal favorite! For the best view of Tokyo and the best feeling while doing it, charter a private helicopter and take her up high in the sky for a moment that I guarantee she has never thought of or experienced ever before. Reserve this for your High Priority Elite Japanese Ladies only as the price is a bit steep for you guys. ¥50,000 to ¥100,000.

How To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly – Step 9

Be Young At Heart & Act Cool

Always Be Young At Heart & Act Cool For Your Elite Japanese Women if you want To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly. No matter how  old you guys are 21 to 60, all Modern Gentlemen, Pickup Artists, Seducers, and guys in Japan must always remain young at heart. This is purely common sense guys for the simple fact that no Japanese girl or other woman on earth wants to spend time with a dude who is not fun, boring, not young at heart, not adventurous and who doesn’t enjoy the special moments of life.

– Partake in a hot air balloon ride over the Honshu country side

– Go to Fuji Q amusement park, a water park or wherever that is fun in the sun and exciting

– Go skydiving with your Elite Japanese women

– Be an artist for a few hours and spend an afternoon finger painting with each other.

-Go scuba diving of the coast of Okinawa

– Do some baking and make some cakes and put your icing on her cake.

– Watch some classic Japanese love story movies, yakuza movies or any other cool, romantic and funny movie that you pretend to like that she likes. Whenever I watch a movie with my Japanese ladies I never ever finish it. We always end up getting it on for about 3 times by the time its over and then after that, I’m off to my next girls place. Oh such fun, so yeah!

– See a fireworks display

How To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly – Step 10

Stay Fresh & Look Good

Always Stay Fresh & Look Good For Your Elite Japanese Ladies. Besides all of the above mentioned secret tips and tricks, you must learn to stay fresh & look good at all times while in Tokyo, Japan. Show some PDA (Public Displays of Affection) at times, whisk her away off her feet when she least expects it all while wearing your best attire & your finest colognes.

How To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly – Step 11

Give Physical Affection And Attention

Always give physical affection and attention to your Elite Japanese women no matter how many girlfriends in Japan you have. Start being a real man by doing what you need to do to make your Japanese girls feel special, feel loved and feel cherished. Even though its all a game & you are just doing your job as a Pick Up Artist & Modern Gentleman it doesn’t matter! They will never know anyways and what they don’t know, they don’t need to know and won’t bother them.

Here are a few tips for you guys to help perfect your game even further on how To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly

  1. Hold her hand (only sometimes) to make her feel special when you think it is necessary.
  2. Whenever you and your Girl are watching a movie at the cinema in Shibuya, Roppongi or Ginza, slowly put your hands where they should be. Just enough to make her happy.
  3. Always give her an ample amount of kissing. Italian style or Hollywood American style is all good! Whatever works! The love it!
  4. Always hug your Elite Japanese Lady when she needs one and when she least expects it. Surprise is always best for any Girl in Tokyo, Japan. Japanese girls love surprises!
  5. Tell her what she wasn’t expecting to hear but has always wanted to hear “I love you” (with your fingers crossed) when you are doing things such as this. Life is a game guys and so is all of this crazy fun in MY BOOKS & MY BLOGS.
  6. It’s up to you if you want to master it all and become a True Master like Master Giacomo.
  7. Be creative, use your brain and always be cool! No one else does this awesome and overlooked stuff but just a few other men on earth: Master Giacomo, the few other dudes and maybe you if you’ve got what it takes.

How To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly – Step 12

Give New Compliments

Always give new compliments to your Elite Japanese girls – To keep things fresh and cool. You should of course not only give your Elite Japanese  Japanese women seductive compliments whenever you can, but you should also think of new & exciting compliments to give your Elite Japanese Girl in order to make her feel as if she is the only woman left on earth.

No need to list any compliments here, as I have already done that in My 3rd Book How to Pickup Japanese Girls Phrasebook. Check out these pointers for complimenting your Japanese women whether you’ve just met her, just picked her up, are just in a new relationship or an old one. Complimenting your Japanese women never gets old and must be done so on a daily basis!

  • Always look for a new thing to compliment your Japanese Girl on and do so every time you meet her.
  • Avoid using the same old boring and dull compliments as it will only let your Girls see right through you.
  • Use your imagination when complimenting your Japanese ladies: Tell her that her perfume is amazing, how beautiful her eyes are, how amazing she looks today, how well that stunning D&G dress goes with her Chanel blouse and so forth.
  • Also, you don’t have to always verbally compliment your high priority ladies. You can always write down your compliment on a scented note and leave for your Japanese lady to discover unexpectedly. This will surely have an even better romantic effect than the verbal compliment.

Stop messing around guys and get your act together! Start giving new compliments to your Elite Japanese girls so you will always know how to make any Japanese woman fall in love instantly.

How To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly – Step 13

Keep Looking Sharp

Always keep looking sharp! Obviously if you want to keep all of your Japanese women on a tight leash and keep them under constant seduction from the spell you have casted upon them, you must keep everything looking sharp & fresh by constantly maintaining your immaculate looks. Real Modern Gentlemen & Pickup Artists in Tokyo, Japan never get lazy with their seduction, attraction, pickup, Day Game, Night Game & Club Game. Most importantly, Real Modern Gentlemen & Pickup Artists in Tokyo, Japan never get lazy when it comes to maintaining their smooth & sophisticated style, grooming, attire and looks. Simply put, don’t fall prey to the baka gaijin style or way of life!

Always remain on top, be the best among the rest and always be better than the other guy. Remember, looks are not just everything in Japan, but looks are the main thing of everything else that goes together with your lifestyle. Japanese women love 3 things the most! A handsome gentleman, a handsome gentleman who dresses better than everyone else and your willy. Here are some eve more tips for you guys to always help you keep looking sharp & Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly.

1) If your bald, grow a nice and trimmed beard

2) If you have a full head of hair, shave your face and always remain squeaky clean

3) Trim your hair and beard (if necessary) on a weekly basis

4) Manscape daily

5) Shower 2 to 3 times a day

6) Take a bath 1 time a day at night

7) Meditate 3 times a day

8) Hit the gym 5 days minimum a week (Monday to Friday)

9) Eat a healthy diet (Monday to Friday)

10) Allow cheat days for your diet plan on weekends only

11) Shave every other day

12) Always wear deodorant

13) Always wear the best colognes (Tom Ford is Giacomo’s #1 favorite for niche & designer fragrances)

14) Always dress your best

15) Always wear and use brand goods

16) Always buy something if you need it and want it

17) Never go beyond your budget of monthly expenses and spend beyond your salary

18) Always spend as little of your own money as possible on any woman at all times

19) Never fall in love with any woman (the worst mistake any man 21 to 60) can make

20) Always practice as much Japanese as possible with as many Japanese people and as many Japanese women as possible on a daily basis

21) Learn, study, memorize & implement everything in My Books on: How to Attract and Meet Japanese Girls, How to Attract and Meet More Japanese Girls and How to Pickup Japanese Girls Phrasebook & through my private one on one Dating Consultations

22) Always approach any Japanese girl who you think may be beneficial to your lifestyle, life and peace of mind in Japan

23) Never be afraid to approach any Japanese women who are # 8’s, 9’s & 10’s. Never be nor feel intimated by any super hot woman in the world or any beautiful Japanese girl

24) Never ever hesitate to contact Master Giacomo if needed

25) Never feel that the competition for getting the hottest Japanese ladies is too tough

26) Never forget that there is always someone out there who is better than you, but only Master Giacomo can properly teach you how to be the best and most Elite Pickup Artist & Modern Gentleman in Tokyo, Japan & the world

27) If you are ever down & out, confused, troubled, going crazy, thinking of things that you shouldn’t be thinking of and are fed up with your life, Japan & Japanese women then stop what you are doing right now & CONTACT ME so that Master Giacomo can help you

28) Always be confident in yourself, your body & your mind

29) Always keep your body, mind & soul clear of negative people & negative thoughts

30) Always remain positive & happy throughout each day

31) Never let any Japanese girl or anyone get the best of you

32) Never let Japanese women ever control you, your life or get the upper hand in any situation if it involves you

33) Always remain, cool, calm and collected when you are with your Japanese ladies

34) No matter how much of a bad boy you are or if you are the worlds biggest player like Master Giacomo YOU MUST always treat your Japanese girls with the utmost respect

35) Never show any of your Japanese women the evil or dark side of you (meaning never get angry to the point you are starting to loose your cool in front of them)


37) Never hesitate to switch up your style for the better or if you want to try newer, bigger and better things. However, do make sure that you consult with Master Giacomo first!

38) Never force any of your Japanese girls to do anything they don’t want to do


40) Always be kind, polite, friendly to not only all Japanese girls but everyone else you encounter in Tokyo & Japan

41) If someone (men or women) is acting CRAZY, always verbally put them in their place IF NEED BE, yet do so with style and a chill demeanor



44) Always use your intelligent brain to consistently think of new ways to improve your life, your mind, your body, your spirit, your day game, your night game, your club game, your finances, & all of the sweet Japanese ladies that you come across, see, like and are attracted to

45) Never listen to anyone except for yourself & Master Giacomo d’Byron

46) Never feel guilty about having intimacy with too many Japanese girls

47) Never feel guilty about having Japanese women pay for your meals, rent, goodies, cologne and etc

48) Never feel guilty about lying to Japanese ladies or women in order to get what you want, need & should get

49) If you are a small guy, never think for a moment that you cannot get any girl that you want in Japan, because you can with my secrets

50) Never doubt yourself in any situation and always remain confident but never overly confident

51) Never give up your lifestyle for any woman! Never! If it comes down to you or her, then just send flowers and close the set

52) Your best true best friends are only Master Giacomo, you & your intuition

53) Never use your real name with any woman you meet! Always use Giacomo’s 6 Name Rule

54) Never let any woman (your are seducing or with) take your picture as it can easily be shown to other women in their circle that you could also be courting because they may know each other

55) Never forget that Master Giacomo d’Byron is here for you to help you in any situation that you may encounter in life. If you don’t believe me all you have to do is try.

How To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly – Step 14

Keep Up With Your Courtship Game

Always keep up with your courtship game gentlemen with your Elite Japanese women. Never let your romance & seduction game slip with any Japanese woman ever! The moment you do, is the moment you mess up and lose your skills and your Game! To help combat this tragic issue that many men encounter you must keep and maintain your spark, your social engineering skills, mind hacking skills and every other skill you have with seducing, attracting and courting Japanese girls in Japan.

The simple goal is to never stop letting your Elite Japanese ladies think they are with the Most Perfect Man to walk the earth! Always naturally impress her with your chivalry, smooth talk, compliments, and simply implement every single step throughout this blog!

By doing that, and everything else I have taught you will allow you to always ensure that every woman in your life, in your rolodex, in your mind and on your willy is constantly seduced and wrapped around your fingers 24/7, 365 days a year until the time comes when you decide to cut them loose and focus on better and richer Japanese women. Don’t forget! An Elite Pick Up Artist & Super Cool Guy must also never allow this main key ingredient in any relationship to slip, fade away & disappear!

TRUST ME! No matter how much of a Player you really are in order to ensure that you always get what you want and when you want it from any woman, you must always maintain TRUST! You have to make her trust you! Today, tomorrow the next day and every other day thereafter as long as she is in your circle or contacts! It’s just like putting on an awesome magic show with a crowd of 100,000 hot women.

If you are the Master Magician & Master Seducer you know the #1 most important rule for your audience is for them to trust you. If they don’t they will think that you are a sham, fake and a con. Always keep your women intrigued with every move you make! With every breath you take and every step you make with them or around them.

Always put on a show that will leave them dazzled, surprised and mesmerized and always keep them guessing and craving for more of your seduction, attention, mind games and your soul. Romanticize their hearts, minds and souls into oblivion like no other man has ever done and will never do to them. Once you start, you shall never stop, never get lazy and never give up until you want to. It’s as simple as that chap!

How To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly – Step 15

Be Spontaneous

Always be spontaneous with your Elite J-Girls – In the beginning of your relationship with any Japanese woman you romance her heart away, maintain constant excitement and give her non stop inspiration and it all seem so mystical & magical because everything of course is new. Many guys fail to understand that this method must be consistently and constantly maintained in order for everything to work in your favor 100% of the time. Never let your style and your Game with any woman become “Routine”.

Always and infinitely be spontaneous with your Japanese ladies to keep them consistently excited, jumping for joy and wanting more. Never get dull, never be boring and always remain mysterious! By consistently keeping any woman on earth guessing more about you, trying to find out more about who you are and why you are so mysterious will obviously allow you to firmly keep them and any woman who you encounter strictly under your spell.

The ultimate goal and trick of your seduction mastery of How To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly gentlemen, is that you simply want them to always ask themselves these following questions on a daily basis until the world ends or when you decide to disappear and call it quits with your Elite Japanese lady. The Art of Social engineering and Mind Hacking at it’s best guys!

  • Who is Giacomo?
  • Why is d’Byron-san so mysterious?
  • Why is he so cool?
  • Why have I never met a man like Giacomo d’Byron?
  • How can he know everything about anything?
  • What is Giacomo thinking?
  • What is Giacomo thinking about when he is with me?
  • What does Giacomo think about when he makes love to me?
  • Does Giacomo-san love me?
  • Does he really want me as his girlfriend or am I just a toy for him?
  • Does he really want to be with me forever?
  • How can I trust a man who is so handsome, so cool & and so charming?
  • Why is d”Byron-san so perfect?
  • Why is Giacomo so kind, sweet & romantic?
  • What does Giacomo do for a living?
  • How many other women does Giacomo have in his life? is it only me?
  • How many other Japanese women has Giacomo been with besides me?
  • When he is with me, does he think I am good enough for him?
  • How many children does Giacomo have in Japan and around the world?
  • Is d’Byron-san a spy? Why is he so mysterious?
  • What is he thinking about when he is with me?
  • If I buy Giacomo-san that new Goyard mens wallet or bag he likes so much, will he love me more?
  • How long will he be with me?
  • If I do everything he says or requests will he fall in love with me?
  • If I get pregnant, will Giacomo stay with me or leave me?
  • If I let d’Byron-san live with me, will he only be mine?
  • If I take Giacomo-san on that trip to the Bahamas he will love me and appreciate me more.
  • Giacomo hasn’t contacted me for 3 days so far. Is he ok? Is he with another woman?
  • I should do everything in my power to give Giacomo the best intimacy in the world.
  • I should do everything in my power to look my best for Giacomo.
  • I should do everything in my power to make Giacomo want me more.
  • I should do everything in my power to give Giacomo whatever he wants.
  • I will always listen to d’Byron-san so that I never disappoint him and make him go to another woman.
  • I will cook anything for Giacomo every time he comes over to visit me.
  • I will do everything Giacomo asks me to do even if it’s deep intimacy and even if he wants me to give him ¥300,000 a month for spending money!

You get my points gentlemen? If you are doing everything right and as I had instructed you to do so earlier, then all of your Japanese girls and Elites will be asking themselves, telling themselves and doing all of these points above and then some! If not, then you are doing something wrong.

How To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly – Step 16 Attractive & Seductive Bedrooms in Japan

Always make your bedroom in Japan and always have her make her bedroom more intimate for your romanticism and seduction. The proof is in the seduction gentlemen.

By making your bedroom more seductive and always have her make her bedroom more seductive for your romanticism and intimacy, the both of you without a doubt will feel more excited, passionate, thus bringing out the best intimacy in the both of you that you both would have never imagined possible. Ensure that your bedroom and your Japanese Girls’ is an ultimate hot zone for excitement and joy.

How To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly – Step 17 Spend Time Apart To Make Her Want You More

You’ve heard my phrase before guys. Absence from you makes the heart grow fonder and allows the Japanese woman’s minds to ponder. Always spend some time apart from your Elite Japanese girls to make them want you, need you and desire you more. Whether it be a week, a month, 6 months or whatever, do what you have to do! Just make sure that while you are pretending to be away on some Top Secret mission or crazy business trip abroad that you are properly maintaining and feeding your Elite Ladies with proper seduction to ensure that your seduction spells constantly remain. Otherwise they will go rogue, slip away or fly away to the nearest other hot guy who is doing just the same as you but a bit more and is nearby.

Read this High Value Intel on how to properly maintain your Elite Japanese girls when pretending to be away on a Top Secret mission or crazy business trip abroad for some much needed rest, R&R and a nice break from that hot yet nagging Japanese rich lady of yours.

  1. Send a few texts & or voice / video messages via Chat apps on a daily basis.
  2. Call once in a while unexpectedly & never planned.
  3. If you can’t be bothered to call them, do call them via Line, Skype or What’s App & cut the line after 1 ring to make them think that you care and that you called. This will make them feel bad that you called them and that they missed your call. They will never be angry or upset in anyway.
  4. You can always send them a text telling them that you tried to call but their line was busy or not in range.

The longest I have ever made my hot yet crazy Elite Japanese women wait was about 6 months or so. I just had to much going on with my business, too many other hot girls to hang out with and was frequently in and out of Japan traveling the globe as I always am. I always maintained and still do to this day strict and smooth communications with all of my Elite Japanese women when away or pretending to be away (in some cases). I always reappear suddenly and unexpectedly just like magic and with each and every Japanese girl waiting, starving, craving and welcoming me with open arms, lavish gifts and so on.

How To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly – Step 18 Explore The Outdoors And Be A Naturist

Always explore the outdoors and be a naturist with your Elite Japanese women. Exploring the outdoors, hiking or camping can always make any Japanese woman feel excited and romantic, whether you or your girl love nature or not. Even just a simple trek or hike in the nearby mountains outside of Tokyo or throughout Japan will bring out the best in you and your Japanese chick. The both of you are also getting the best of both worlds of nature! You and her are getting some great exercise in and you’ll both out on the mountain summit or woods and get to experience the true meaning of being a naturist and having intimacy outdoors. It’s awesome, fun, unique, you’ll get some fresh Japanese mountain air and maybe even kuma-chan (the Japanese mountain bear) will get a peek at your outdoor session. Hit up these spots in Japan to explore the outdoors and be a naturist with your Elite Japanese women and to Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly. They love nature and even more a man who likes to explore it.

  1. Camping sites
  2. Distant parks outside of Tokyo
  3. Mountain hikes, treks & climbs
  4. Fishing Trips
  5. Awesome beach trips & getaways throughout Japan
  6. Watch the sunset and hang out on the mountain summit or enjoy some nice intimacy on the beach with the sunset

Be creative dudes, be adventurous and always give your Japanese girls the time of their lives and you will see that they will give you anything that you want.

How To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly – Step 19 Pretend That You Care

Always pretend that you care and build up your Elite Japanese women’s self-esteem at all times. When going gets tough for your Japanese women the Elite Guy pretends to care! By helping out with moral and mental motivation and encouragement via kind words and by pretending to care when your Elite women are down and out will not only make her feel better about herself, but will also make her feel better about you! Thus making her think that you are the only man on earth and the only man on earth with a true heart (although you may not have one).

Check out these pointers to help pretend that you care and build up your  Japanese women’s self-esteem. Oh, and don’t forget! Elite Pick Up Artists and Cool Dudes shall never seek help from any woman when they are down and out. This will only allow them to gain control and learly view your weak points and see you entirely differently from that moment on. Never, ever allow this to happen. The moment you show any woman that you are weak and can’t handle a certain situation is the moment that YOUR GAME WITH HER IS OVER!

Step 1: Comfort her and calm her down
Step 2: Give her a hug
Step 3: Make her relax by giving her proper insight on how to forget about the situation (for now)
Step 4: Tell her that everything will always be okay, because she is the most amazing and strongest minded woman
Step 5: After a few minutes (5 to 20) from the start of Step 1 you can initiate some intimacy that your distraught, sad and confused yet comforted Elite Japanese woman is in dire need of
Step 6: Retire to the shower

How To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly – Step 20

Fill Her Heart & Ears With Joy And Seduction

Always tell your Elite Japanese women how you feel and fill her heart & ears with joy and seduction. If you really want to Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly then you will not only do every single thing above but will also tell your women how you feel. You are essentially telling them as I said many times before, exactly what they want to hear.

Follow these simple tips to fill her heart and mind with joy and reassurance even though you most probably don’t care

  1. If she says she likes you a lot and even if you don’t tell her that you do.
  2. If she asks you if you love her, simply say “YES”.
  3. If she tells you that she loves you, simply say “I DO TOO BABY”.
  4. Don’t ever feel bad about saying what you need to say even if you feel otherwise guys! You are simply just doing what you need to do and are making them calm and collected for the time being.
  5. You can always say these magic words to avoid a direct answer if you do feel too guilty by saying, “I LOVE YOU”. Just say, “I LOVE YOU AS A FRIEND FOR NOW” or “I AM STARTING TO FEEL THAT I LOVE YOU.” Easier said than done in your case!

After all guys “I love you” is just 3 words & 8 letters! Nothing more! Some people live by it and die by it, others like myself and possibly you could care less. Say what needs to be said (if necessary) and keep it at that. My rules are simple and in the end its entirely up to you as to whether or not you listen to my advice or avoid it. However, know this! I am always right 100% of the time!

How To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly – Bonus Tips

  • Never ever become a baka gaijin or loser who is too clingy to any woman! Being clingy, seeming desperate & pushy are all major turnoffs for all Japanese women and women in general. They are also freak and psycho signs that will make any woman run away and disappear from you faster than a bullet train!
  • Always be a gentleman, always be chivalrous & always think ladies first.

How To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love Instantly – Special Tip


Then it should all be smooth sailing gents…

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