Japanese Women Love Poetry

Japanese Women Love Poetry

Japanese Women Love Poetry – An Introduction.

Knowing how to write seductive poetry for Japanese women is a crucial point and part of the seductive, seduction and attraction process with Japanese women in Japan.

In this Japan Dating Blog you’ll learn step by step on how to write seductive poetry for Japanese women and understand why Japanese Women Love Poetry. However, first off, I must say this! True Pickup Artists of Tokyo and Japan shall never write poetry about love ever if you want to know how to write poetry for Japanese women in Japan. If you want to be attractive and seductive Pickup Artists then you must know how to write a poem for Japanese girls that is seductive, charming and sweet.

Japanese girls DO NOT want a man writing any poetry that is too gushy about love or the future. You should already know that anyway as your main goal is to simply seduce, attract and charm the ladies and nothing more.

How To Write Seductive Poetry For Japanese Women –

Which Women Are Worthy Enough Of Your Seductive Poetry?

This answer is as simple! Whichever of your Japanese girlfriends who you think are the best and who can offer you with the most benefits are worthy or your romantic and seductive poetry! It’s as simple as that! If she is 21, super rich and into you, then yeah! You had better start writing and practicing your poetry skills in order to get ready to instantly seduce these fabulous ladies in Japan. Japanese Women Love Poetry and if you can write nice poetry, the better your chances are of getting into her heart and soul.

You must also know that 99% of men on the planet never think about, don’t even consider and would never in their lifetime contemplate on writing a poem for any woman let alone a Japanese chick. Furthermore, you should also know that no Japanese man in Japan at all writes poetry for their women. They never will and have never even thought about it! It is always the simple things in the long list of seduction skills and techniques that 99% of guys in Japan and around the world overlook and never even think about. Practice writing seductive poetry, start giving (on occasion only and for special occasions), and master the art of seductive poetry for Japanese women in Japan. They will love it, it will open their hearts for your seduction game and will make them crave you at any moment after receiving your awesome and sweet seductive poem.

How To Write Seductive Poetry For Japanese Women –

How Long Should Your Seductive Poem Be?

This is a very good question! Unless you are a hopeless romantic, you will never write your seductive poem no more than 200 words and no less than 100 words.

A Seductive Poem That Is Too Long = A seductive poem that is too long becomes overly boring and will not even seduce the hungriest woman on earth! If you are a man who writes poetry and you fall into this category you need to stop! A poem that is too long is more that 200 words!

A Seductive Poem That Is Of Perfect Length = The Perfect Poem that will seduce any Japanese lady. If you know how to write seductive poetry that is of the perfect length of 100 to 200 words then you are getting closer to becoming an expert and master in writing seductive poetry! Good job!

A Seductive Poem That Is Too Short = A man with no skill in poetry and who is not creative will write a poem that is too short. That means anything less than 50 to 90 words.

If you really want to master and know How To Write Seductive Poetry For Japanese Women, always follow the KISS rule!

Keep It Short & Simple

How To Write Seductive Poetry For Japanese Women –

When You Should Start Your Poem Seduction Game

Of course all of you guys are wondering when is the best time or a good time to start writing your seductive poems for your girls in Japan as part of your pickup operations that you must conduct in order to help get them to fall head over heels for you and your personal romanticism and charm. Here we will take a look at an easy to follow method that Master Giacomo has developed and that works 100% of the time! Let’s take a look at How To Write Poetry For Japanese Women and When You Should Start Your Poem Seduction Game.

*Keep in mind guys, this list is for the dudes who are dating an girl on a once a week basis.

– The First Date with your Japanese Girls (around the first week after your pick up or encounter): No!

At this time it is way to early to even consider writing a poem for any Japanese woman you are starting to date.

– The Second Date with your Japanese Ladies (around the first week after your pick up or encounter): No way Jose!

At this time it is still too early to present her with a seductive poem. Even though, Japanese Women Love Poetry you must be focusing on the other more important things and phases of your seduction process. Also, if you have not yet hung out or had intimacy with her on the first date, it should be around this time! Still too early for a poem, but never too early for a nice intimate encounter.

– The Third Date with your Japanese Women (around the first week after your pick up or encounter): Still Too Early!

By this time guys, if the girl hasn’t requested to meet your willy, then something is wrong! Yet, it’s still too early for a poem!

– The Fourth Date with your Japanese Girls (around the first week after your pick up or encounter): No way Dude! Still way too early!

The same intel for this applies from # 3!

– The Fifth Date with your Japanese Chicks (around the first week after your pick up or encounter): 50/50 (depending on you & how you think the Japanese girl you are dating feels about you)

This is a long time from the start (the first date) and you must also consider that if you have not had intimacy with her by now, then something is most certainly wrong. I have rarely seen even a wannabe or amateur Pickup Artist in Tokyo, Japan ever wait this long for intimacy.

– The Sixth Date with your Japanese Girls (around the first week after your pick up or encounter):

Around this time guys, you should have been able to hook up with your Japanese woman at least several times, and if you are playing your cards right and your seduction game right then she should already be seduced by you and be falling for you! You can present her with a nice, short and sweet seductive poem and do so only this time! Only on or after the 6th date or meet and greet are you permitted to submit your seductive rhymes to your girlfriend to add the finest touch of your seductive process.

How To Write Seductive Poetry For Japanese Women –

How Often Are You Allowed To Write A Nice Poem For Your Japanese Girlfriend

Japanese Women Love Poetry, but you should never write a poem for your ladies too much and too often! Of course too much of anything is always a bad thing and not too mention it is a big turn off for any lady to receive poetry on a regular basis. This will only lead them to think that you are overly desperate, have never had a woman in your life and are of course a baka gaijin and henna hito (weirdo). Once a month is fine and always at different intervals and on different days so that you never make anything seem obvious and that way they will never think too much or suspect a thing.

How To Write Seductive Poetry For Japanese Women – A Few Examples Of The Perfect Seductive Poetry For Any Japanese Girl You Are Trying To Attract

Example 1 (150 words)

“A Romantic Treat”

Yukiko, I like you so.
Yukiko you make my day flow.

I’ve know you for only a short time.
Yet your presence always helps me unwind.

I met you about 2 months ago,
Now you are beginning to make my heart glow.

There’s still so much to know about you.
And there’s still so many things to do.

Enjoying each & every moment I lay my eyes upon you.
While thinking of how beautiful you are yes it’s true.

Hopefully we can get to know each other well.
And maybe one day I can make you yell.

You yell out happiness, smile and reach.
My hand is near when we are walking along the beach.

Yukio is cool, sweet, tender and nice.
Yukiko I hope you are the perfect spice.

Now that you have finished this poem, let’s eat!
And hopefully after that we can have a nice and romantic treat!

*As you can see guys, this poem is perfect in length (150 words), funny, a bit cheesy yet classy for any Japanese lady who is need of perfect seduction from the perfect man. You!

How To Write Seductive Poetry For Japanese Women –

Example 2 (195 words)

“Miyuki Night”

Oh what a mystical night it is.
Miyuki and I relaxing from our long day of biz.

You are cool, a little short and sweet.
It is for those reasons Miyuki, it is you I have desired to meet.

I’ve only know you for not so long.
But you of course cannot be wrong.

Wrong for what? For meeting me?
No of course not! It’s only you I have wanted to see.

The night is young and so are our moments of fun.
Hopefully next week we can wake up to the sun.

The sunrise, morning breakfast in bed.
Waking up next to you, will surely spin my head.

In whirl and in a daze that your beauty can instantly phase.
Miyuki is smiling now and surprised by reading this phrase.

Oh, wait! Just a moment now.
The real question is how?

How am I here, with you who is such a charm?
Come now and take my arm.

Let me kiss you and walk you into the night.
Keeping you safe and holding you tight.

Making love to you throughout the day.
It is you Miyuki for what I have to say.

*Cap off the ending with a nice & fake sweet phrase such as:
I like you very much Miyuki & enjoy being with you more and more each time.

*As you can see men, this fine example of seductive poetry is a bit longer than the first coming in at 195 words and is funny, sweet and will get any Japanese woman excited. Be creative and remember! Seductive poetry is not an easy thing to master at all! It takes practice, skill, humor an open mind, a bit of psychology and psychological warfare. Practice makes perfect!

*She’ll blush with joy and shyness. After that of course it’s up to you as to where you want to take the night and your willy!

*Always make your seductive poetry simple and easy to read as well! Japanese Women Love Poetry, but never too complicated as they will never get it, not even with translation! My poetry is always simple, easy to understand and even the most clueless women on earth who can’t speak English would be able to understand it.

How To Write Seductive Poetry For Japanese Women –

Example 3 (138 words)

“I Have A Secret”

Akiko I have something to tell you
You might not like it but it’s true.

I hope you are not mad.
And please don’t be sad.

I just met this cool girl in Tokyo a few weeks ago.
When I met her, I was like woah!

She was sweet, nice, funny, gentle and kind.
And every time I think of her, I just can’t get her out of my mind.

I’m sorry to tell you this, but I just want to be true.
To you and me, so that you don’t get blue.

Feelings for this girl have have come from the start.
I really don;t want to break your heart.

I have a secret to tell you and I have to do.
The secret is Akiko, the special girl is you!

*Cap off the poem with a short and sweet phrase such as: (Laugh) a bit first and then say, I bet you thought I was going to tell you something bad, but of course not baby! Akiko-chan, I like you a lot and I hope you like this sweet poem.

*As you can see gents, this poem is a bit shorter than the others, to the point, funny, surprising and will get any woman tense, and then suddenly feel at ease from all of the passion, emotion and surprise that you have built up in her mind, heart and other things.

Important Seductive Poetry Note 1 – For How To Write Seductive Poetry For Japanese Women

  • Make sure you strictly follow the 100 to 200 words rule.

Important Seductive Poetry Note 2 – For How To Write Seductive Poetry For Japanese Women

  • Make sure that you title your seductive poem.

Important Seductive Poetry Note 3 – For How To Write Seductive Poetry For Japanese Women

  • Also remember guys! The main goal and focus of How To Write Seductive Poetry For Japanese Women is to simply seduce them which in turn will make them slowly and steadily fall in love with you.

Important Seductive Poetry Note 4 – For How To Write Seductive Poetry For Japanese Women

The goal is NOT TO PROFESS YOUR LOVE! EVER! As that is only for weak dudes who have no clue of what is going on in life. Keep it real gents, keep it cool and keep it seductive at all times!

Important Seductive Poetry Note 5 – For How To Write Seductive Poetry For Japanese Women

Do feel free to put your Japanese girls names in your poetry. However, as I had mentioned in my previous Crazy Japan Blog, you had better make sure that you are giving it to the Japanese girl who matches the name in the seductive poem! Especially if you are writing them en masse!

I know many dudes, who lost High Priority Elite Japanese Women because the messed up and wrote Rieko on a seductive poem that was intended for Ritsuko! Don’t make the same mistake and if you do, it’s Game Over Rover with that chick because of course she will never see you again! Always keep yourself organized just as an Elite Pickup Artist does!

Important Seductive Poetry Note 6 – For How To Write Seductive Poetry For Japanese Women

Be sure to set the poem for the specific mood and moment that you’ll meet next, That way your Japanese chick will think that is was just written, however, little does she know you wrote about 10 or more others for all of the other girls.

Important Seductive Poetry Note 7 – For How To Write Seductive Poetry For Japanese Women

Always put your poem in a nice and elegant scented envelope and write your poem on a scented card. Spray a nice and subtle citrus cologne or fragrance that you use on occasion so that she will not forget the scent as she will most probably put the poem in a safe place and look at it on an occasional basis.

Important Seductive Poetry Note 8 – For How To Write Seductive Poetry For Japanese Women

When spraying your poem and card always use a nice and floral / citrus cologne. I highly recommend anything by Aqua di Parma or Issey Miyake (which you can find at any Takashimaya or Isetan Department Store) as they are always perfect for any occasion, especially a seductive and romantic one such as when giving your seductive poetry to your most favorable Japanese woman.

How To Write Seductive Poetry For Japanese Women Bonus Tip – Always Add A Nice And Seductive Touch To Your Poem With A Rose (Red Preferably)

Of course a proper cool and sophisticated guy in Japan knows that Japanese Women Love Poetry and that no poem is complete without a rose! A short one, not too long with them stem cut in half (this makes it easy, more classy and presentable when she has to carry it! You as well! Make sure it is of a unique and dark color. I always go for Velvet Red or Pink as they are most suitable for any seduction process with Japanese women.

Make sure it is wrapped in a nice and dark color as well that goes with the rose. Avoid bright colored wrapping as its too cliche, boring and loud. Most men in the world and just about all Japanese men never even think about presenting a woman with a proper flower. So sad! Now that you know that Japanese Women Love Poetry, guy buy some nice paper, a nice Mont Blanc Pen, a rose and get to work!

Well, I’m off to Narita Airport now guys to take a nice 1 week trip to Bora Bora with a young (23) super hot and super rich Japanese girl! Wish you were there!

As always, stay hungry!

Giacomo d’Byron

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