Japanese Women Love Gaijin

Japanese Women Love Gaijin

Japanese Women Love Gaijin! Really? Yes! Perhaps so, more than their native Japanese men. Simply put, if you are the cool type of gaijin then you will prosper beyond your wildest dreams with the lovely ladies of Japan. If you are the average baka gaijin loser, you will not. So, eventhough Japanese Women Love Gaijin in order to help you better understand what do to and what not to do when picking up Japanese women and dating/attracting Japanese women in Tokyo, Japan. Read the secrets below and then you shall be all set!

Japanese Women Love Gaijin #6 – Assuming That You Have Closed the Deal With Your Pick Up or Japanese Date

An inexperienced guy or amateur pickup artist may think that he has succeeded in the pickup and has closed the deal with his initial meet and greet or Japanese date, yet little does he know what may lie ahead. Just when you start to chill out, relax and let your guard down, thinking that everything is perfectly fine and the target is locked on and all crazy excitement in your mind is getting to your head.

You think it’s all good and that you are heading nicely and smoothly towards intimacy or what have you. However, little do you know that in an instant your date with the Japanese Girl of your dreams and deepest desires can all change in an instant!

At the start and the first part of your evening date with your Japanese hottie in Ginza at Ristorante Sabatini di Firenze Tokyo was amazing! You were a gentleman! You escorted her to the table, you were smiling, you were dressed well, you were wearing Tom Ford’s Grey Vetiver which you had just bought prior to this date as this girl (Rie-chan) is a #10. You pulled out her chair at the restaurant, waited for her meal to arrive before digging in and grubbing out. She smiled some more, the talk was fun and the conversation went smooth. You were charming, funny a pure gentleman and everything else was nice and smooth, or so you thought!

Unless you know in depth about the Problems Foreign Gaijin Men Encounter With Japanese Women, never think players that everything will always be fine and dandy and that you will be successful with every Japanese date even though you thought that you had followed all of the rules in the book! You can easily lose her or do a subtle thing that may turn her off in an instant.

She will of course make everything seem fine and dandy. However, after you walk her home, take her to the metro or walk her to the taxi that could and may very well be the last time you will ever see her. You just never know what will happen and can never know what to expect if you are not on top of your Game, your pickup, your skills and everything else that I have talked about. Everything can turn upside down in an instant no matter how well you think that game plan is going.

Some Japanese women are just like that and some Japanese women are as cold as Hokkaido ice in December. Which is pretty cold! Or perhaps all of the same as above went well, and then you capped off the night with a nice and romantic Hollywood kiss. She was ok with your approach when you were leaning in, she hesitated a bit at first but nonetheless she let you plant a nice Hollywood kiss on her soft and sweet Dior Lip gloss covered lips.

Now you think that just because you kissed her and she let you kiss her, then she’s going to instantly fall in love with you and invite you over to her place in Roppongi, right? Wrong! Kissing any Japanese chick after a nice and successful date or even at the club doesn’t always mean that she wants your willy (at that moment) or that she’s willing to go home with you or have you come over to her place.

You don’t know unless you know the Secrets & The Rules of the Game in Japan man. If the above happened at a club, you may also think that just because the Japanese Club Commando kissed you and even your willy in the bathroom at Feria, that she will be going straight home with you to welcome you into her arms. Odds are 50/50. Why? Simply because the Japanese Club Commando Girl may not be finished with her young and hot night at the club.

She wants to see what other competition you have got! She wants to see what other hot gaijin guys or in some cases Japanese guys are lurking about at the club entrance, on the dance floor, the VIP lounge or the rooftop bar and lounge at a cool club in Roppongi. She may just want to play as many guys as she can that night! Why? Because Japanese Women Love Gaijin and you are looking for chicks at a club for one and also you don’t know what she wants, and you can’t do jack about it unless she gives in and allows you to do whatever she wants to do! Plain and simple! Keep cool and never expect too much in the beginning of your amateur pick up career or lifestyle no matter where you are picking up girls, hooking up with girls or trying to seduce girls.

Remember chap, if you’ve been doing your homework, you should know by now anyway that you won’t and cannot meet a high priority asset a.k.a. an ELITE Japanese woman at a club in Roppongi or Shibuya anyways. It just won’t happen! Not in Roppongi, not at a regular club in Japan and not in this lifetime.

Classy women don’t go to clubs in those places anyways. Japanese Women Love Gaijin, but know which type like which type of gaijin. You can waste your time and your life trying to pickup tapped out, STD carrying, psychotic and broke Japanese girls at all of the clubs you wish in Roppongi, Shibuya or what have you! However, don’t come crying back to me and ask why I didn’t warn you, because I did a million times over!

Japanese Club Commando Girls are always just for quick fun, a quick come dump, a quick stress release and nothing more. All Girls in Japan who frequent clubs in Roppongi, Shibuya or what have you are already all tapped out with loads of crazy mental baggage anyways. Leave all that nasty stuff for all of the baka gaijin and focus on the 8’s 9’s& 10’s who are Elite Japanese Chicks who are loaded, fun, clean and waiting for your charm, seduction and gaijin meat. Trust me it will be worth it and good things come to those guys who do it all the right way and not the sloppy and low class way.

Japanese Women Love Gaijin – An Important Tip Regarding Japanese Japanese Club Commandos

The Japanese Girl Club Commandos will abide by no rules, take no prisoners and will have no time to spare your feelings, weak heart or hard willy. They just want to have fun and nothing more. They just want to get the fastest willy (who is usually a baka gaijin who knows no better and who will allow themselves to be seduced by Japanese Club Commandos in the club that can make them come the most and that’s about it.

Japanese Women Love Gaijin #7 – When The Foreign Gaijin Men Move To Fast With The Japanese Girls in Tokyo, Japan

As all of us men know with girls, women and ladies from many cultures around the world more specifically in the western world – PDA (Public Displays of Affection) kissing, and intimacy can happen at a moments notice on the first date or in some cases never happen at all. Now on the other hand, if the both of you two have already decided that you want some naughty stuff to go down, then any smooth move action such as a Hollywood Kiss and any type of  PDA or whatever on your part or even her part is the only thing necessary to get the ball rolling and for you to conduct Operation Free Willy.

Although the same principle can and does happen in Tokyo, Japan with certain types of Japanese women as I had mentioned before, don’t expect it to happen in an instant unless you are a smooth and sophisticated Cool Dude. Many Japanese Chicks like to take it slow in the beginning unless they have been overpowered by a gents charisma, seduction, cologne, pheromones & etc. Therefore, when in doubt and when with a Japanese woman who you think is not up for instant intimacy or seduction just slow down, take it easy and go with the flow yo!

Japanese Women Love Gaijin #8 – When The Guy Moves Too Slow And The Japanese Girl Is Long Gone By Now

This is another travesty that I see happen with just about 80% of my clients I deal with on a daily basis from around the world! They have it all set up, have the Japanese girls number, have a date set up with another Japanese lady and have almost closed the set and closed the deal right after the dinner date with the fine Japanese Chick, but they decided that they would wait until next time.

Or perhaps the dude got too nervous and didn’t know how to react to this hot Japanese girl who was a #9 and was just waiting for the right words to come out of his mouth. Yet, you messed up! You didn’t go ahead with the feelings and you failed to notice her signs and gesticulations.

You blew it! Now it’s too late! Ran-chan will now go home empty handed because you decided to be a weak and not get your game on with her. Once this rich girl Ran-chan gets home who is super fit, skinny is 25, single, loaded with coin, lives in Azabu Juban (a nice and rich area of downtown Tokyo) and just out of a relationship with some loser, and super hungry guess what’s gonna happen?

She has now forgotten about you, now thinks that you are a baka gaijin or perhaps even gay or bi and is completely dumbfounded as to why you didn’t notice her signs of wanting to hook up. Why? Now she is going to pick up her keitai (cell-phone) and call the nearest and hottest other dude to come by and take control. You messed up so now you have to live with it! Time to move on to the next and not make the same mistake again. Hopefully, anyways.

As you can see guys from the perfect example above, the wannabe player and inexperienced gent wrecked everything. Ran-chan was expecting a move, she was expecting to have fun. Yet, there will be no chance of that happening anytime soon for the sad gent. Don’t make the same mistakes as he did no matter what you do. Which is why you have to always be on high alert and paying attention when you are with your new Japanese girl date as you never know what could happen for the better when you least expect it!

Japanese Women Love Gaijin #9 – Thinking That Just Because You Are A Cool Gaijin (so you think) You Can Get Any Japanese Girl That Walks Your Way

Sadly many guys who want to come to Tokyo, Japan for work, study or travel think that just by being from a foreign country it means that they never have to worry about being a cool or interesting gentleman, nor do they think that they have to make any effort with their appearance, style, class etc. Only to discover that hard way and in a very blunt way, that Japanese women don’t care about a foreign gaijin man in Japan who doesn’t have a brain, doesn’t use his brain, has no style, has no sophistication, no class, looks like a loser or the Average Joe with no fashion sense and who doesn’t wear cologne. Japanese Women Love Gaijin in Japan, but you have to be better than the rest!

Japanese Women Love Gaijin #10 – Not Realizing How Exactly Japanese Women Think About Relationships And How They Can Trust A Guy

Another important factor when talking about Problems Foreign Gaijin Men Encounter With Japanese Women and in your future fake or whatever type of relationship you decide to establish with anyone of your Japanese ladies is forgetting to realize how exactly they think, what they really want and if they can trust you. For most Japanese women trust is a main factor in whatever type of relationship you attempt to establish with them. For most Japanese girls before even being able to attempt to Free Willy into her, she must at least develop some type of trust for you.

If not, then you can forget about any of the fun stuff. You have to make her believe your lies or whatever you tell her must add up in some way. You have to say whatever you tell her with a straight face, with honesty and without her thinking that you are a pathological liar or psycho. Don’t get your foot caught in your mouth and avoid from ever getting caught up in your lies when telling any Japanese woman about you, who you are, what your job is, how long you have been in Japan, where you are from etc.

Japanese Women Love Gaijin Bonus Tip On Trust

Trust = Belief and that’s what you want in anyone of your fake or real relationships with any lady in Tokyo, Japan. Even though you may tell them that you are a rich businessman, from London, have a Rolls Royce and a helicopter, then you will have to make them believe you in some sort of way. Also, you must never forget that you shall never tell any woman especially any Japanese woman the entire truth about you, who you are, how much money you make and your real intentions in the relationship.

They more they know of what is real the more they will control you or try to do you bad, Be cool, be discreet and always remain mysterious when in any relationship with any woman in the world and when dating, meeting girls and when in a relationship with a lady in Tokyo and Japan. The above stands true with the exception of course Japanese Club Commandos, Hostess Girls / Kabakura Girls who are pretty much the same as a high class  (yariman).

Cool Parties must be attended to now gents, so chat at you & catch me later.
Giacomo d’Byron

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