Japanese Girls Love Romantic Guys

Japanese Girls Love Romantic Guys

Japanese Girls Love Romantic Guys and that’s just Plain and simple!

If you want to be a romanticist with Japanese girls, then you must of course know how to be a romanticist with Japanese girls at their home. One of the biggest things and most important things of being an Elite Guy is knowing where it all starts with your skills and that of course is in their home!

This is sadly overlooked by many men around the earth for the simple fact that they just don’t focus too much on intimacy. While all that is understandable, you must think a bit outside of the box and realize that the finest part of your seduction and attraction game is by knowing how to be a smooth operator and master of intimacy.

None of that can be achieved unless you know the basic principle that Japanese Girls Love Romantic Guy and the rules of how to be a romanticist with Japanese girls in their home and how to make her place the perfect place for your ultimate seduction and intimate experience. Give her a time that she will never forge and make her happy as can be.

Make her always want to be coming back for more of your hot moves and your hot willy. Whatever it is, as long you as you master all of how to be a romanticist with Japanese girls and all of what is written below, you will have each and every Japanese girl standing in line.

It is only the Cool Guys in Tokyo and Japan who can see all of the rewards that come with these secret techniques and that will make any Japanese woman crave for more and more of your romanticism. It’s all part of the Game of Seduction and to master it all, you must practice and implement it all. It’s easier than you think, but before you pass judgment on yourself try it all out and then you will be a few steps closer to becoming an Elite Guy rather than the normal and boring guy.

An Important Note On Why Japanese Girls Love Romantic Guys

Keep in mind guys, instead of wasting your time and your money on knowing how to be a romanticist with Japanese girls, make sure that you reserve these tips, tricks, methods and knowledge for your Elite Japanese girls.

  • Your Japanese woman should be able to offer you much more than a good night of intimacy.
  • Your Japanese girl must be able to offer you something extravagant such as a monthly shopping allowance, a nice and expensive gift every now and then, all expense paid trips with her around Japan or abroad and anything else that you think is worthy of your Japanese lady getting returned a nice favor by a nice gesture with you steeping up your game and seduction techniques.
  • Be a romanticist with Japanese girls for those who deserve it and for those Elite Japanese women with many benefits to offer.
  • Never waste your time on an average Japanese lady with nothing to offer and for one who never pays for your stuff. It’s a total waste of time, effort and energy. Only go all out for those Elite Japanese women with plenty to offer!
  • Know that the location of the action should be her place and also at your pad. A real Pickup Artist always has 2 residences. Your crash pad (main home) and your secret pad only for a select few.

In Order To Be A Romanticist With Japanese Girls In The Bedroom You Must First Set A Romantic Tone

1) A real Player will know how to create the right mood for her if you want to be a romanticist with Japanese girls. A proper setting can do wonders and spark your romantic impulses. We’re not just talking about whether to have the lights “on” or “off” but by creating a relaxing mood and environment that adds some zest to your routine.

2) Eliminate any distractions! Switch off your/her mobile, the tv, pc & concentrate only on your Japanese woman. Avoid at all costs playing with your mobile as you are not a mobile zombie like most other men and women in Japan. The only time you can have your mobile on is when you are connecting it to iTunes or YouTube to play some nice and romantic tunes that will set off the mood in a perfect direction.

3) Get ready to play some romantic and chill tunes which are perfect for nice intimacy. By this time you should and had better know the best music to play when about to have some much needed intimacy with your lady.

4) Nice beats which are soft, smooth and slow are perfect if you want to be a romanticist with Japanese girls while at home. I recommend some classics such as Enigma, any type of Ambient, Ibiza Chill Out Lounge, Minimal or Dub Techno and etc. I have been using these tunes for many many years and they never fail to disappoint the mood, the intimacy and the Japanese woman. Remember, good tunes when having intimacy = good rhythm which always leads to much fun.

5) Get a few roses or flowers and sprinkle a nice path of mixed colors of rose or flower petals from the living room to the bedroom. When she sees this she’ll get instantly weak in the knees, her heart will start pounding and you know what happens next.

6) Scented candles, incense and no lights sets the perfect mood for intimacy. Always add scented candles (any scent is ok), turn off the all lights, air conditioner on, and light up some nice incense that will kick off the mood like there is no tomorrow. Incense and candles always make any room feel romantic even if your place of her place is a mess. The candles also give off just enough light that shines on your willy and other things. Always select incense and scented candles that are of high quality and not bad quality. If your Japanese girl craves a special scent then by all means surprise her with a shock and awe and get them catered towards what she specifically likes.

7) Always jack up her anticipation if you want to be a romanticist with Japanese girls. Make your Japanese girl be able to know a bit about what to expect in regards to your romantic plan in the home that evening or the next. By making her anticipate, thinking about what to expect and dream about what will happen and what you will do to her, will only make her overly excited and desperately craving the situation that is about to go down. She’ll be mentally swept off her feet and can barely wait for you and your master plan.

8) Tell your Japanese woman that you are so excited to see her and that you have something very special and exotic in store for her. Tell her that she is about to experience a night of crazy moments that she will never forget. You can do this via a nice and sweet text, leave a note at her place from the previous visit, or simply surprise her with a random voice message via your chat apps or just give her a sudden short, quick and unexpected call.

9) You can also surprise her even more, by not telling her anything and by keeping your master plan Top Secret and then after she gets to your place or you get to hers, you have dinner and then begin the romantic night.

 Japanese Girls Love Romantic Guys Bonus Tips

  1. Always be unexpected with your High Class Japanese ladies.
  2. Always listen to your Elite Japanese girls concerns, needs, problems, desires, thoughts and feelings.
  3. Always try to communicate directly, smoothly and honestly with your High Quality Japanese women.
  4. Be adventurous, be a risk taker and always have fun with your Elite Japanese women.
  5. Always respect your Japanese girls limits and requests.
  6. Never force any Japanese woman to do something that just you want to do.

Do feel free to do the above on any of your Japanese women if you feel that they should have some more spice in their lives. After all, Japanese Girls Love Romantic Guys & the more romantic you are, the more they will be attracted to you. However, do try to avoid spending your money at all costs on any Japanese girl unless they are worthy of it. Also, too much of anything is a bad thing, so keep it cool.

Enjoy the day gentlemen & most importantly enjoy the fabulous ladies in Tokyo & Japan.


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