One Of The Best Places To Pickup Japanese Girls For Guys In Japan

best places to pickup japanese girls

One Of The Best Places To Pickup Japanese Girls For Guys In Japan is here! For all of you guys who want to work on your hot physique, you can now get your workout on at one of the best gyms in Japan, Gold’s Gym.

I have been using Gold’s Gym in Tokyo and throughout Japan for many years and it is by far the best gym chain in the country.

Why? Although it can be chotto (a little) expensive, it is is equipped with the best facilities and the best equipment compared to the other gyms in Tokyo and all around Japan.

You guys in Japan must also keep in mind the prime Gold’s Gym locations that offer the hottest spots to pick up during Japanese girls during your workout routine as well.

So the next time you are thinking of joining a gym in Tokyo or Japan, I highly recommend you get your gym membership at Gold’s Gym.

Besides having a nice, clean, sophisticated and modern atmosphere Gold’s Gym in Tokyo will only work well in your favor guys.

Do keep in mind the following when considering Golds Gym Locations in Tokyo and in Japan for picking up Japanese girls…

-Gold’s Gym in Japan is rather expensive for the guys who are on a budget.
-Currently almost all gyms and Gold’s Gyms in Japan as well in Tokyo do not allow tattoos.

-If you have tattoos do keep them covered otherwise some conservative dude is bound to report you and you’ll lose your membership privileges.
-When stepping up your day game or night game at the gym with the hot and fit Japanese ladies, always be a gentleman.
-Wear nice exercise attire that looks fashionable and hip. Do not wear ghetto exercise gear as it will be a major turn off for the ladies.
-Be prepared to spend ¥19,000 or so max per month for a full Gold Membership.

Here are the best Golds Gym locations in Tokyo for Players in Japan if you truly desire to chat up some Elite and High Class Japanese women who are worthy of your seduction and charm

  • Harajuku Annex Tokyo Gold’s Gym
  • Ginza Tokyo Gold’s Gym
  • Ginza Center Tokyo Gold’s Gym
  • Omotesando Tokyo Gold’s Gym
  • Minami Aoyama Tokyo Gold’s Gym
  • Yoyogi Uehara Tokyo Gold’s Gym
  • Shibuya Tokyo Gold’s Gym
  • Harajuku Tokyo Gold’s Gym

You can find out more info and locations throughout Tokyo and Japan here at their website! Gold’s Gym in Tokyo and Japan

Again guys, I can’t stress the facts enough! If you have read my books and blogs already, you know that being in tip top shape for guy in Japan is of extreme importance when it comes to showcasing your inner gent and Alpha Male capabilities.

Looks are not everything in Japan guys, but the only thing! No hot, pretty and Elite Japanese woman wants to be chatted up, seduced or impressed by a man who is not fit, not toned or muscular. They do want a man who is ripped, toned, slim, trim and in shape!

They want a man who they can wrap their tiny hands around and feel his toned and cut biceps, triceps abs, bulging and throbbing willy. Get on it guys and stop wasting time!

Get in shape and impress the ladies with your muscular toned physique. Chat up the ladies, and pick up new clientele at the hip Gold’s Gym locations in Tokyo for guys in Japan! You only live once so stop wasting time!

My favorite golds gym locations where I pick up loads of hot and rich Japanese ladies on a monthly basis are also the same as listed above guys!

They are also frequented by me on a daily basis so if you are lucky enough you may even see me! I’ll be the coolest and most ripped gent in the gym, so I am sure it’ll be super easy to spot me!

Hope you cool dudes find my Golds Gym locations in Tokyo for Players in Japan list and info useful and valuable (this is definitely one of the best places to pickup Japanese girls, especially when it comes to scouting & picking up girls in TOKYO). Read it, follow it and you’ll thank me later!

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