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Without a doubt! Giacomo enjoys the high life, intimacy, women, riches, cars, fashion, writing & changing lives. Giacomo also enjoys the single life with limitless amounts of Japanese girls who are single, married and you name it. He has been living in Tokyo, Japan for many years and is the world’s #1 go to expert on: Fashion, Intimacy, Japanese Women, Love, Life, Money, Business, Travel & everything else related to Japan or life & its craziness in general.

He lives an extravagant life, works when he wants to, has limitless women around him every day while taking trips around Japan on a weekly basis & abroad every so often. He loves fashion, reading, writing, long walks in the city, fine wine, fine food and the finest and freshest “Japanese Sakura” around Tokyo and Japan. If you are in Ginza, Nihonbashi, Omotesando, Azabu, Akasaka, Roppongi or Marunouchi you may, in fact, recognize him as these are his favorite chill & pickup spots. He’ll be the easiest to spot as he’s the most handsome, best smelling and best-dressed man in all of Tokyo and Japan.

However, not to worry! I am here to help you & make you become that cool & attractive guy you have always dreamed of being. I will help you go from a normal guy to a sophisticated, confident & attractive guy who can get any Japanese girl you desire. I’ll help teach you how pickup any Japanese girl in Japan, how to attract & meet any Japanese girl in Japan & live the life of your dreams. Any guy from any stature & from anywhere in the world can become the cool guy & Attract & Pickup Japanese Girls! All it takes is a little dedication, persistence & will power.

Stop wasting time guys & make that small purchase that will forever change your life for the better! YOLO as I like to say…


Not all men are created equal. Not all men have massive willys. Not all men know how to take risks & live anywhere in the world or wherever they would like to. Not all men can get the women or woman of their dreams. Not all men know how to dress properly to impress any woman. Not all men know what endless opportunities exist for them in the world & in Japan.

Not all men, know about the covert secrets of the Art of Seduction, How to be the Best Man you can be, How to Attract Japanese Girls or How to Pickup Japanese Girls. You however, can be him! The days of dreaming of a better life, with unlimited Japanese women & getting the respect you deserve are over gentlemen. My plans, methods & tactics are simple & they work 100% & are guaranteed to help you lean how to be the ultimate & most sophisticated Pickup Artist in the land of Japan with never ending fun.!

As long as you follow & implement all of what is written in my books & through my CONSULTATION SERVICES the rewards will be never ending.



It’s not easy, but it’s not that hard either. You can do it easily though with practice, precision, determination & with the help of Giacomo! Maybe at some point in time, you will have to get in touch with me personally as all of your questions & desires may not be answered through my amazing books alone. Rest assured you will be in safe hands, because Giacomo d’Byron is here to help you & make you the man you should be.

Dating Guide For Tokyo Japan


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  • How To Date Japanese Girls In Japan
  • How To Master Day Game Techniques In Tokyo & Japan
  • How To Master Night Game Techniques In Tokyo & Japan
  • How To Become A Master Pickup Artist In Tokyo & Japan
  • How To Dress For Your Day Game In Tokyo & Japan
  • How To Dress For Your Night Game In Tokyo & Japan
  • Where To Go To Get The Best Girls In Tokyo & Japan
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  • How To Approach Any Japanese Girl At Anytime In Tokyo & Japan
  • How To Seduce Any Japanese Woman In Tokyo & Japan
  • How To Attract Any Japanese Girl In Tokyo & Japan
  • How To Attract Beautiful & Rich Japanese Women In Tokyo
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  • How To Boost Your Charisma Quotient When Meeting Any Woman In Japan Or Anywhere
  • How To Make More Money Than 90% Of Japanese People In Japan
  • The Best Places To Go In Tokyo & Japan To Pickup The Best Japanese Women
  • How To Build The Most Perfect Network Of Japanese Women
  • How To Pickup Elite & Rich Japanese Girls
  • How To Get Elite & Rich Japanese Girls To Buy You A Car
  • How To Be The Coolest Foreigner Or Person In Japan
  • How To Get A Degree If You Don’t Have One In Japan
  • How To Never Pay For A Meal In Japan
  • How To Wear The Right Brand Name Items In Japan
  • How To Speak Japanese Girls Better Than The Japanese



  • How To Impress Any Japanese Girl In Japan
  • How To Dress Properly For Any Occasion In Japan
  • How To Make Tons Of Money While In Japan
  • How To Look For The Best Jobs In Japan
  • How To Get The Best Jobs In Japan With Or Without A Degree
  • How To Trick Any Japanese Woman Into Doing Anything For You
  • How To Make Any Japanese Woman Believe In Your Lies
  • How To Make Any Japanese Woman Fall In Love With You In Japan
  • How To Make Any Japanese Woman Pay For All Of Your Stuff In Japan
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  • How To Get Loads Of Free Money From Any Woman In Japan
  • How To Get Out Of Any Tricky Situation With A Japanese Woman In Japan
  • How To Lie To Any Woman Or Anyone Perfectly In Japan
  • How To Make The Perfect Body That Makes Japanese Woman Crazy In Japan
  • How To Dress Better Than Any Other Man In The World In Japan
  • How To Get Into Shape If You’re Overweight Or Out Of Shape In Japan
  • How To Have Intimacy With Any Japanese Girl Instantly In Japan
  • How To Make Anyone Respect You Instantly In Japan
  • How To Be The Coolest, Most Stylish & Sophisticated Man In Japan
  • How To Make Your Charisma Quotient Explode In Japan
  • How To Master Anything Japanese In Japan
  • How To Use My Books To Your Full Advantage
  • How To Protect Yourself From The Unexpected In Japan
  • How To Get Out Of Any Situation In Japan
  • How To Get Your Dream Job In Japan & Much More


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Giacomo has really helped me get my life in order and step up my game in terms of approaching and attracting women. Being an actor I am constantly surrounded by beautiful women the whole day. Yet, I was never really able to successfully approach women until I consulted with Giacomo. Thanks to him I have loads of women and I can pick up practically any girl I want to hook up with.
Keisuke (Japan)
Keisuke (Japan)
Actor (Tokyo, Japan)
I came to Japan 1 year ago & heard about Giacomo & his books from a friend of mine who had read his literature thoroughly & used his services. All I can say is.. Giacomo is amazing & has made my stay here much more exciting. I now have about 3 girlfriends & counting. I hope to meet you sometime soon Master.
Miguel (Mexico City)
Miguel (Mexico City)
Student (Kyoto, Japan)
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