How to Approach Japanese Girls In Japan

how to approach Japanese Girls in Japan

Knowing exactly how to approach Japanese Girls in Japan is a crucial step that most men in Japan have no clue as on how to go about it.

First of all, Japanese women are very indirect, so you cannot always simply walk up to them as soon as you spot a hottie that you have in your sights. Y

ou must know how to approach Japanese Girls in Japan in a smooth and stylish manner and not like a baka gaijin or fake nanpa with no style and class.

In order to successfully know how to Approach Japanese Girls in Japan, you will have to go about Master Giacomo’s Secret “Approach Steps” if you want the classy Japanese girl that you have in your sights to think that you are cool, calm and collect and possibly the man of her dreams.

Knowing how to Approach Japanese Girls in Japan is not as easy as it seems and the outcome will solely depend on how you present yourself, how you smell, how you look, how calm you are and of course your charismatic charm and confidence as well.

Let’s have a look below and see some example situations of the wrong way and the right way of How to Approach Japanese women in Japan.

How to Approach Japanese Girls in Japan Situation Example 1 (The Wrong Approach)

The Situation: It’s (Friday 8p.m) you are in Ginza at the intersection of 4-Chome and see this Elite Japanese Woman that has instantly attracted you. You begin to walk towards her just at the right time as she has put her Keitai (mobile) in her Hermes Birken Bag (the #1 key as to knowing that she is loaded).

The Player: You feel that she may get away soon enough, so you are in a rush and begin walking towards her without having your breath mint in your mouth dissolving and smelling good by the second. You have also forgotten to have your gent business cards on hand and your hair is an utter mess.

The Result: Due to the above catastrophe, you have not only made a bad impression but you have also ruined any chances of successfully closing the deal on getting her number, making her feel relaxed and leaving any good impression whatsoever.

A man who lacks the basic necessities in any approach or pickup, is a man who has no chance of picking up any Elite Japanese woman whatsoever!

How to Approach Japanese women in Japan Situation Example 2 (The Right Approach)

The Situation: It’s Friday (7p.m.) and you have just entered the Tom Ford shop in Shinjuku. You see and extremely elegant younger looking Japanese girl most probably early 20’s looking around at some nice Tom Ford bags.

Right off the bat you know that she is loaded as Tom Ford bags cost a pretty penny, not to mention not just any Japanese Lady is going to be shopping around in the Tom Ford shop. If you are an Elite Player you now right from the start as soon as I mentioned Tom Ford, that it’s a superb shop for Elites. The prices are high, but the quality is amazing.

Anyways, this beautiful and hot Japanese lady is looking superbly fine with her hair did exquisitely. She is tall, medium sized milks and looks clueless yet hungry. She’s waiting for the perfect man to approach her. She’s waiting for you!

A man with class, a man who is funny, a man who looks, smells and dresses well. What the are you waiting for? You begin the approach as you know you can’t let this amazing opportunity pass you by! She is an Elite! An Elite Japanese Girl and without a doubt loaded with cash and deeply craving Japanese lady hungry for your attention, care, game, intimacy and more!

The Player: You are wearing a superb Tom Ford suit and Louis Vuitton Dress shoes, freshly cut and styled hair, smelling amazing with your Tom Ford Fabulous Cologne, have a fresh stack of your gent business cards on hand and have a nice Mintia Fresh Mint breathe mint dissolving in your mouth.

You begin to approach, you are undoubtedly cool, calm and collect. Well prepared for this fine mission of Pickup and have a 99.9% chance of successfully closing the set and making her instantly attracted to you.

The Result: After this fine gent initiated his smooth and confident approach and Pickup Game tactics on this fine and fabulous Japanese Lady, he successfully and most obviously closed the set! She even initiated the LINE contact exchange before he could even bring his hand to his inner suit pocket to grab his scented gent business cards scented with Issey Miyake (L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme). Further intrigued by this gents hospitality and smooth pickup skills developed from one of MY BOOKS – How to Pickup Japanese Girls Phrasebook, she and him are now on there way to dinner right around the corner from the Tom Ford shop at a fine Italian restaurant.

Differentiate yourself from the loser and the fine gent guys. As you can clearly see from the above 2 examples what you do and how you prepare yourself will make or break your successful pickup skills on how to approach Japanese women in Japan. It will also make or break you as well in the Pickup Artistry Game, so be careful, be on top of your game and keep your style and class in check at all times…

Master Giacomo’s Secret “Approach Steps” On How To Approach Japanese Women In Japan Successfully

Step 1) Make sure your kit (suit is in order) and that you look immaculate!
Step 2) Ensure that your hair is properly styled and not looking like a baka gaijin mess! A neat and clean appearance is the ultimate key when knowing how to approach Japanese women in Japan.
Step 3) Have on hand your breath mints, gent business cards, a fully charged mobile. These are also the basic necessities when it comes to approaching and picking up Japanese women.
Step 4) Take a breath of fresh air and make sure that you are cool, calm and collect!
Step 5) Relax! Never make yourself overly excited. The last thing any Japanese woman wants is to be approached by a man who is nervous, lacks confidence and seems uzai (too needy) or kimochi warui (disgusting).
Step 6) Once all is in order, begin your approach and then it’s Game On!

By know gentlemen, you should at least be able to grasp the basic concepts of How to Approach Japanese Girls in Japan. If not and if you require more in depth secrets then, get on it by Contacting Me Here!

That way, I can get you situated so that you can get on your successful way of approaching and picking up Japanese girls in Tokyo or wherever you are in Japan no matter what time of day or whatever the situation may be.

Ciao Ciao!

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